Reggie Barnett vs. Travis Thompson

circular one: Gunn scores a knockdown internal of ten seconds with a body shot. After Costa stands, Gunn digs one more shot to the ribs and the Brazilian goes down like he’s been shot. Sub-minute stoppage for Gunn.

remaining influence: Gunn def. Costa via KO

Johnny Bedford vs. Nick Mamalis

round one: Mamalis with an early clinch. Bedford marching forward, taunting. Uppercut from Mamalis, overhand appropriate through Bedford hits tougher. check hook lands for Mamalis. Bedford lands a pair of jabs. Bedford digging to the body, left hook by means of Mamalis. 10-9 Bedford.

round two: Bedford lands a hard left hook early. Counter left lands for Mamalis. Bedford rips lefts to the body that seem to hurt Mamalis. Bedford grabs his head and lands a series of appropriate uppercuts that ship Mamalis to the mat. He beats the count number. Mamalis wearing some decreases on his left eye. Bedford lands left hooks and, as he grabs Mamalis’ head, Mamalis decreases to his knees. Ref calls it.

remaining influence: Bedford def. Mamalis with the aid of TKO

Reggie Barnett vs. Travis Thompson poker indonesia

circular one: Barnett comes out swinging, stiff-arming Thompson in the clinch. yet another heavy combo. Heavy uppercuts within the clinch. Barnett is tearing him up. assess hook by using Barnett, a further challenging appropriate hand. 1-2 lands for Barnett. Thompson fires a 1-2, eats a bigger one in return. Clinch. Combo from Barnett. a further hard appropriate hook. 10-9 Barnett, borderline 10-eight.

circular two: Thompson marches into the clinch, continues to eat combos. investigate appropriate hook, an additional by Barnett. Thompson ties up and appears to work the body. Left hands from Barnett. One minute to move. spoiled counter uppercut and a correct hook connect. Left disagreeable, extra combos off the returned foot. Thompson lands a left, eats a different 1-2. 10-9 Barnett.

round three: Barnett carrying on with to batter him. Thompson ducking down, seeking to clinch. He takes a finger within the eye. They resume after a little while and Barnett lands two extra determine hooks. a different. Thompson claims an eye poke. more combos by using Barnett. Thompson making an attempt to step in deep with primary punches and getting chewed up via a quicker, extra technical boxer. Counter 2-three to end the round. 10-9 Barnett.

round four: Thompson just has no retort for Barnett, making an attempt fruitless 1-2s as Barnett cracks him at latitude. Straight lefts piling up. Six-punch combo. They trade appropriate hands. quick clinch. more counter shots. Jab via Thompson met by a right hook. first rate body shot from Barnett. 10-9 Barnett.

round five: Barnett on the assault this time, reputedly hunting for the conclude. Thompson loading up for a matey mary, getting pieced up as he does. One minute to head. excellent little correct uppercut catches Thompson leaning. one more examine hook. Straight left. appropriate hand on the pivot. 1-2 lands. They throw except the bell. 10-9 Barnett.

Shewmaker def. Prindle by means of KO


nd three: Left hook by means of Beltran, physique shot with the aid of Lopez. short flurry by Beltran. Lopez takes a finger within the eye. lower back to the motion. Beltran identifying up steam, trading with Lopez within the clinch. Lopez wearing a gash over his left eye and Beltran continues to flurry. Ref calls time to examine Lopez’s eye. They get correct returned to trading, Beltran getting the more desirable of it. amazing exchange. 10-9 Beltran.

round four: Left hook from Beltran to commence. mixture upstairs. He’s getting his punches inside of Lopez’s, lands an additional counter right. Clinch uppercuts with the aid of Beltran, Lopez solutions with physique shots. Beltran chews up the top internal. Lopez lands a tough uppercut in the clinch. Counter appropriate from Beltran around the shelter. 1-2 lands. lower back to buying and selling within the core of the ring. 10-9 Beltran.

circular 5: Beltran finds the mark with a left uppercut. Lopez all of sudden cracks him with an uppercut and goes to work with combinations. physique shots with the aid of Lopez. Left hook upstairs. Beltran with a short flurry. an additional brief uppercut has Beltran outstanding returned. Beltran throwing returned with him. Clinch. Lopez doing damage internal. Beltran refuses to back down. large left hand by means of Beltran and it’s lower back to slugging. Beltran tries to launch up on the ropes. 10-9 Lopez.

closing influence: Beltran def. Lopez through unanimous decision poker online

Bec Rawlings vs. Alma Garcia:

round one: Garcia hurling correct hands in the early going. decent correct lands. Rawlings comes lower back with a 1-2 and they slug in the center. They go lower back to the middle and alternate bombs, both ladies swinging for the fences. Rawlings pressing ahead. correct nasty, clinch uppercuts. I think Garcia’s eye is damaged. Rawlings doing hurt on the ropes. 10-9 Rawlings.

circular two: Garcia back on the attack, hurling right palms with reckless abandon. Stiff jab knocks Garcia returned. Overhand correct from Garcia, Rawlings comes lower back with a combo. keeping and hitting with the aid of Rawlings. Jab lands for her. Garcia lands a right hand around the shelter. 1-2 from Rawlings. body shot by Garcia. Rawlings does greater hurt in the clinch. 10-9 Rawlings.

They cease it within the corner.

final outcome: Rawlings def. Garcia with the aid of TKO

Heavyweight match quarterfinal: Eric Prindle vs. Sam Shewmaker

round one: Twenty seconds in, Shewmaker knocks Prindle out with the very first punch of the fight, an overhand correct.

closing outcomes: Shewmaker def. Prindle by means of KO

Bobby Gunn vs. Irineu Beato Costa Jr.

Rodriguez def. Rumsey by way of unanimous resolution 50-45 x2

Ricco Rodriguez vs. Lewis Rumsey — Rodriguez def. Rumsey by way of unanimous resolution 50-45 x2, forty eight-47Tony Lopez vs. Joey Beltran — Beltran def. Lopez by way of unanimous choice 49-45 x2, 49-46Bec Rawlings vs. Alma Garcia — Rawlings def. Garcia via TKO nook stoppage at 2:00 of round TwoHeavyweight match quarterfinal: Eric Prindle vs. Sam Shewmaker — Shewmaker def. Prindle via KO at 0:18 of circular OneBobby Gunn vs. Irineu Beato Costa Jr. — Gunn def. Costa through KO at 0:forty one of circular OneJohnny Bedford vs. Nick Mamalis — Bedford def. Mamalis by using TKO at 1:41 of round TwoReggie Barnett vs. Travis Thompson — Barnett def. Thompson by unanimous determination 50-forty five x3Heavyweight match quarterfinal: Maurice Jackson vs. Dale Sopi — Jackson def. Sopi with the aid of TKO at 1:10 of round OneEstevan Payan vs. Omar Avelar — Payan def. Avelar via KO at 2:00 of circular OneHeavyweight match quarterfinal: Arnold Adams def. DJ Linderman by TKO at 2:00 of circular Two

round one: Early jab from Rodriguez. They’re spending lots of outing of range. determine hook from Rumsey as Rodriguez enters the clinch. Rumsey wades back into the clinch. 10-9 Rodriguez.

circular two: Rodriguez lands an early hook and tries to membership away inside. this is glowing unhealthy to date. Rodriguez steps back into the clinch. Rodriguez once again re-enters the clinch and that they alternate dirty boxing. They hold going unless the bell. 10-9 Rodriguez.

round three: Rodriguez wades in with some uppercuts. lower back in the clinch. extra clinching. Rodriguez truly has no intention of in fact boxing on the backyard for any size of time. respectable left hook by means of Rodriguez, then one more and he clinches. 10-9 Rodriguez. daftar poker

circular 4: greater clinching shenanigans. Rodriguez lands a very good uppercut on the ropes, then clinches once again. Left hand and uppercut from Rodriguez, then yet another clinch. extra clinching. Rumsey lands a counter right, eats a looping appropriate. 10-9 Rodriguez.

circular 5: Clinch to launch. extra clinching.Left hook by way of Rumsey, clinch. That sucked. 10-9 Rumsey.

final outcome: Rodriguez def. Rumsey by using unanimous decision

Tony Lopez vs. Joey Beltran

round one: both guys staying tentative early. Lopez lands to the body, eats a 1-2. Lopez physique shot met through an uppercut. Combo from Beltran as he wades forward. dirty boxing. appropriate palms through Beltran. Beltran once again wades in with a combo. correct nefarious lowers Lopez within the waning seconds. 10-8 Beltran.

circular two: Lopez a bit busier, receives popped with a appropriate. Lopez jabs the physique. Beltran jabs his manner into a combo. Overhand right catches Lopez coming in. Lopez leaving his chin out as he advances and Beltran is catching him with rights. Clinch, both chip away. one other counter appropriate, then a series of uppercuts in the clinch. Lopez with an uppercut in return. They alternate in the core. 10-9 Beltran.